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Misc Questions

  1. I Can't Find My Store on the Map
    Please try typing in the city name of your choice.
    For example, "Crivitz."
    You may also zoom out on the map to try to find your store.
    After you enter the location of your store, you can use the map’s zoom in and out functions if your store is not visible. This will widen the map to help you find the store of your choice.

    Zoom location on map.
  2. Selecting Your Store
    Click on “Store Locator” on upper right of the screen. The store locations will show up on the right side of the screen. Click on the store you would like, the store details will show.
    Click on “Set As My Store”. Also, you may click the "pin" location on the map to view the store located close to you. Click the button, “Set As My Store” if you would like to choose that store.

    Store detail pins
  3. Finding Store Details
    Once you have selected your store (read above for instructions), click on the store name and
    the store details will appear.
    Click on “Flyers” to view the flyer for that store.
    You may also click on the “pin” location on the map, then click the button, “Store Details” to view the details for that store.

    Store details popup
  4. Using the Weekly Flyer
    Click on "Weekly Flyer" on the upper right of the screen.
    A white box will appear with the choices, "View" or "Download". Click on "View" to view the weekly flyer on the website. Click "Download" to download a pdf of the weekly flyer.
    While viewing the weekly flyer on the website, you are able to click and drag with your mouse or use the mouse wheel to move the flyer up and down to easily view the page (within the flyer area).
    To switch pages, you can drag the page you are viewing left or right and it will move to the next page. You may also use your arrow keys on a keyboard to move the flyer up and down (you must first click on the scrollbar next to the flyer). To switch pages, you may use the page up and down keys to adjust your view.

    My Account extras
  5. Create a New Account
    Locate the upper left corner of the website
    (where it says “Login/Register”).
    Click "Register”. This will open up the sign up form.
    Fill out the information and click “Sign Up” to create a new account.

    Home Page My Account.
  6. Enter Your Information for a New Account
    Fill in each space with your correct information.
    You may also connect with your Facebook account to automatically fill in some of the register information.
    If you are getting an error, please make sure you are using the correct information that is linked to the Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card number. For example, the Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card may be linked to a different first or last name.

    Sign up pop up
  7. View Your Profile and Pig Points
    Once you are logged in, click on the person icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen, then click “My Profile”.You can complete your profile with some optional choices, such as email subscriptions and interests.
    Also, if you would like to view your Pig Points, click "My Rewards" and it will show you the balance along with an estimate of how much off per gallon, up to 15 gallons!

    My Profile details
  8. Account Extras
    While you are logged into your account and on “My Profile” page, there are many features you can check out, such as change “Password”, change "My Store", view “My Rewards” and more!

    My Account extras
  • Q: Why change the website?
    • A: In order to take advantage of the many new opportunities available, we needed to update the website. We loved our old site, but knew we had to update so that we could provide better service and savings to you going forward. We have several new programs in the works that we plan to offer you in the future and this is the stepping stone to get there.
  • Q: Why do I have to make a new shopthepig.com profile?
    • A: We're planning ahead. Creating a new profile now, means less hassle when we begin to offer new savings and Piggly Wiggly Rewards programs. The new account information is more secure. It is easier to customize your information and give you offers that relate to you in the future. All that is required to create an account is your name and your Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card number.
  • Q: It says my account needs review when I try to sign up?
    1. A: If you're having an issue creating an account, please try the following:
      • Please make sure you are using your most current Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card Number. That beings with 41********
      • If you have had a name change in the past and never changed the information with Piggly Wiggly, use the old name
        or use the form HERE to update your last name.
      • There may be an error in your account such as your last name or you may be using an old card number. Please email your:

        1. Name
        2. Address
        3. The Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card number you are using
        4. Email to: [email protected],
          Subject: Registration

  • Q: I have an old Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card, is that okay?
    • A: Yes, as long as that card number is the most recent number for your account. Meaning, if you have gotten a card with a new number after that one, you must use the newer number. If you are using a previous card number, you will not be able to create an account with that number.
  • Q: If you sign up for a new card or you are replacing an old card, is that number active right away?
    • A: For in-store deals, yes. For online services, such as checking Pig Points or clipping PigEcoupons, it will usually take effect overnight or the next business day, as we take the time to protect your account to make sure only you have access to your rewards.
  • Q: What else can I do with this new profile?
    • A: We're working on all kinds of interesting and new features, such as Digital Rewards to help save, the ability to update your Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card information directly, individualized offers, online shopping and much more.
  • Q: App is no longer working?
    • A: The app is owned and ran by the host company. When the company hosting our website changed, so did the provider for our app. View more about the app here
  • Q: I selected my store, but I can't see the flyer?
    • A: If all you see is a blank screen where the flyer should be displayed, chances are your web browser is blocking 3rd party cookies. This blocks the flyer software from displaying the flyer. You can turn off the blocking in the settings for the browser.

      1. Internet Explorer (IE):
        open "Tools" - "internet options" - Privacy - Site:
        click "Allow" and then
        and click "Allow"
      2. Chrome:
        Open "Settings" - "Advanced" under the privacy and security settings click "content settings" then click "cookies".
        Turn off "block third party cookies" or add
        click "ADD" and then
        and click "ADD"
      3. Firefox:
        Open menu click "options" then click "Privacy and Security".
        Under the "history" heading choose "use custom settings for history"
        check: "Accept cookies from websites" Change the setting under "Accept third party cookies to "always" or add
        click "Allow" and then
        and click "Allow"
      After making these changes, you will need to close and reopen your browser and the flyer you selected should appear. Unless you set this option again, you should not have to change the browser settings again.
  • Q: How do I use the new shopping list?
    • A: Adding items to a list is made so that you can add a specific type of item to your shopping list. This is partially done to setup for future programs, such as online shopping.

      1. Add Items to Shopping List:
        Click on the item in the flyer that you would like to add to your list.
        A window will pop up, click “Add to Shopping List.”
        Next, locate the specific type you would like to purchase. Click the button “Add to My List”.
        The green plus sign should turn to a check mark if added correctly.
        Click the x in the upper right corner to close the item window.
      2. Finishing with the Shopping List:
        When you are finished selecting the desired products, at the top menu bar, click “Shopping List”.
        On the Shopping List page, click “Shopping List” or the name of the list you would like to see.
        This will show all the items you selected and added to your shopping list.
        You may edit the list in terms of quantity by changing the number in the box next to the product name. Clicking the trash can icon will delete the item from your list. You may change the order by clicking “By Department” or “Alphabetical” for organizing your list.
      3. Sending/Printing Shopping List:
        Once your list is finished to your liking, you are able to print or email the list using the icons found at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Q: Can I use a paper coupon and an E-coupon that are exactly the same?
    • You can use a paper coupon OR a digital coupon, but not both on the same item. In the event a paper coupon is scanned and a digital coupon is also used for the same item, whichever the greater of the two discount values will be used.
      Stores that participate in the Double Coupon Program do not double ecoupons nor will the system know that paper coupons are subject to doubling.
  • Q: I have a question, I need some help! What, who, how?
    • A: If you're having an issue logging in or your account is not linking with your Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card properly,
      please use our contact form and let us know what problem you are having. We will resolve your issue and respond to you as soon as we can.
  • Q: My password won't reset
    • A: First, make sure you have a new account at shopthepig.com. If you have a new account, then please watch your email for the reset email. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email.
  • Q: My Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card is damaged/lost. I need a new one!
    • A: If you are in need of a new Rewards Card, go to your preferred Piggly Wiggly store’s service counter. At the service counter they will scan your Driver’s License and issue you a new Rewards Card right on the spot, so there are no waiting times. This Rewards Card will contain one big card and two smaller key ring tags. The number on your new card will be different, but your shopping history and Pig Points from your old card will merge with your newer card. There is no way to get a new card with your old number.
  1. Q: How do I use PigEcoupons?
    1. Go to the Pig Ecoupons section by clicking on “Coupons” in the upper right hand corner to view all of the coupons available. To load a coupons click “Clip Coupon” to load that coupon to your Rewards Card. The coupon will then show a green outline and display "clipped" in the corner.

      PigEcoupons Page
    2. To see coupons you currently have "clipped" to your Rewards Card please click and look over the "My Clipped Coupons" section to make sure that you have clipped all the coupons you want.
      At the checkout, scan your Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card and the coupon will be applied at the end of the transaction.

      My Clipped PigEcoupons Page
    3. PigEcoupons cannot be doubled.

    4. You may also print a list of "My Clipped Coupons" to remind you of the coupons you've selected.
      To print, click the “Print Coupons” button on the upper right hand corner.
      You do not need to print anything for coupons to work correctly and the printed list is not a substitute for clipped coupons.