Pig Points Touchdown savings

Get a Bonus of up to 1200 Pig Points!

Earn 4¢ off per gallon of Gas for every Touchdown that your home team score Sundays against their opponents! Spend $50.00 the week prior to get up to 16¢ a gallon off with 4 touchdowns! Only at your local Piggly Wiggly!

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Game Day:

Purchase Period:

Redemption Period:

No purchase nesessary for redemption. Limit one offer per household, per week. Redeem offer at participating Piggly Wiggly Locations. Coupons must be redeemed at Participating Piggly Wiggly Locations.
Coupons cannot be redeemed at the pump or a fuel station.
Thursday coupons are available the Monday through Wednesday prior. Thursday game coupons are redeemable the following Wednesday through Tuesday.

Limit 4 Touchdowns per game. $50.00 must be in a single transaction, pre-tax total must match or exceed $50.00.
Offer excludes: tobacco, lottery, tax, gift card, money orders, postal and desk services.