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Gerber Chicken – The Gerber Commitment

We Are “All Natural”

Gerber Poultry, where “The Feed Really Makes The Difference and The Difference Is In The Taste”, has been monitoring our feed for many years. We want you to rest assured there have never been additives or chemicals added to our feed as a preservative or filler. We do not use ionosphores, arsenic, melamine, bakery by-products or animal by-products in our feed. Just good wholesome grains (corn and soybeans)!

Our Chickens are “Vegetarian Fed”

Piggly Wiggly Farmer Mr. PigAt Gerber, we never add antibiotics or medications to the water. We do not use growth stimulants or add hormones for any reason!

We Use “No Drugs”

We, at Gerber Poultry, practice a “Free to Roam” policy at all of our Amish Family Farms; we reduce our flock sizes to accomplish stress free environments. We have Happy Birds! Gerber Poultry guarantees there will never be the opportunity for outside birds to contaminate or spread the Avian Flu because of our practice towards safe housing.
We, at Gerber Poultry, assure you that you are getting the best tasting and safest chicken in America.
We Are “Just Pure Chicken”.