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Redeem Points at the Pump

You can find participating fuel locations on your Piggly Wiggly receipt, here, at shopthepig.com or anywhere you see the “Pig Points Accepted Here” or "Pig Points + Accepted Here" signs.
Please select the store you would like to find the fuel partner location.


Redemption steps will vary slightly at each location.

  1. Follow the directions on the pump to enter your rewards card number. The card number must be scanned prior to pumping. If the discount is not displayed at the pump you should see the attendant first to help with the discount application.
    • Key Chain cards CANNOT be inserted, if you need to insert a card and only have your keychain, please use an alternate ID such as phone number tied to your loyalty account.
  2. Answer any questions on the pump screen, and confirm the discount has been applied. Usually this will be reflected in the price per gallon shown on screen.
  3. Choose your Fuel Grade, method of payment, and pump your gas!

You can find more information about your Piggly Wiggly loyalty card on our page our Pig Points + page.