Piggly Wiggly customer decorated cakes

Cupcakes & Cakes

Piggly Wiggly offers pre- decorated cakes and cupcakes that are perfect for your special event. Many of our locations are even able to make a customized decorated cakes, cupcakes, and sheet cakes. Contact your Piggly Wiggly bakery today for details.

cookies looking good in a white bowl.

Piggly Wiggly cookies

Enjoy delicious, oven fresh cookies without the mess! Piggly Wiggly Bakery has classic as well as seasonal favorites to save you time and satisfy your cookies needs.

A variety of fresh looking breads and wheat.

Bakery fresh breads

With a wide variety of fresh breads such as, sweetbreads, Italian, French, dinner rolls, and more our bakery almost that guarantees you will find the perfect, fresh, bread for your meal.

An iced raspberry kringle


Sweet or savory, flaky, and flavorful, kringles will make your mouth water. Stop in and pick up the the official state pastry of Wisconsin from Racine Kringle or Skinner Danish our bakery.

A collection of various frosted and iced doughnuts

Piggly Wiggly donuts

Fresh Pershings, turn-overs, jelly filled, glazed, naked, yeast, plain cake, sprinkles, whatever your favorite, we have something to satisfy your sweet tooth

a thick slice of apple pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

Piggly Wiggly pies

No matter if you are looking for a classic apple pie or seasonal favorites like pumpkin pie, Piggly Wiggly has an array of fresh pre-baked pies that will elevate any gathering.

Crusty artisan bread on cutting board with knife.

Artisan breads

Artisan breads from La Brea and Cuisine de France you can find crafted fresh baguettes, pretzel buns and other options right in you local store.

For all your catering needs, view our Deli catering brochure. We offer a wide variety of deli and bakery trays for all your gatherings.