The Program

The Piggly Wiggly Program

Advertising and Marketing

The Piggly Wiggly Midwest advertising and marketing departments offer our customers a wide range of services that include the following:


Our advertising department offers a weekly ad flyer that is printed, distributed, sent out over an email blast to over thousands and thousands willing recipients and displayed on our website.

Internet Marketing

Our internet marketing department offers a state of the art website at where customers can view promotions on their preferred store’s own web page, view the Weekly Ad, build shopping lists, view and save recipes; a mobile app, active social networking which includes contests and giveaways through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; analytics, technical support, graphic design for promotional in-store signage and point of sale screen promotions, and much more.

The Piggly Wiggly Rewards Card

The Piggly Wiggly Preferred Card offers our customers discounts on groceries along with fuel discounts through our Pig Points program. Also included is on-going customer database analysis (stores receive reports each period), market-wide and store specific target marketing programs, as well as weekly and monthly savings on products throughout the store

Our Departments

Center Store

Piggly Wiggly carries a full assortment of product lines. Our quality store brands program merchandising staff provides in-store support on private label store brand program furnished through Topco Associates. Piggly Wiggly’s store brands include Food Club, Top Care (HBC), Valu Time (second label), Full Circle (organic), and more. We offer our stores a comprehensive Direct Store Delivery program that includes cost and retail hosting.


Our Produce Department proudly offers a wide range of top quality produce products to sell to your valued customers. We provide many services at retail to promote the continued growth of your produce department. Growing together, we will be at the “Head of the Class”. Included with our produce department is, retail support and supervision, produce Manager training, new store openings and remodeling, assist in designing and plan layout of product for new or remodeled department, assist in ordering equipment and supplies such as racks, tables and signage and warehouse support.


Our Meat Distribution Center is a full service fresh, frozen and processed meat, deli, and egg warehouse. We only carry the choicest meats which include Certified Angus Beef, Diamond Lean Beef (USDA Select), Farmland Natural Pork, Farmland All Natural Pork Gerber All Natural Amish Chicken, and restaurant quality fresh seafood from Supreme Lobster and Seafood Company.

Bakery & Deli

Piggly Wiggly Midwest Bakery/Deli Departments offers our customers a wide range of the finest quality bakery and deli products available to provide your valued customers the quality they deserve with a full line of top quality deli meats, deli cheese, controlled recipe salads and a full line of chicken & prepared foods program.

We offer our retailers one of the largest selections of frozen dough products available anywhere, thaw & sell specialty bakery programs, an extensive cake program, a bakery/deli supply program (i.e., scale labels, film, bakery bags and boxes, along with other bakery/deli supply items),consultation and evaluation of department layout and equipment needs, assistance in new or remodeled store department set-up, assistance in merchandising, department presentation, display techniques, and resets, advice and assistance in new department manager and employee development and training, and interface with key suppliers for extended technical and merchandising support.


Our Floral Department offers a wide range of top quality floral products suited for a complete “Grocery Store/Retail Floral” operation. Perishable and non-perishable items are shipped from our ware house to your store along with produce deliveries. We also have direct store delivery relationships with area growers.

We offer our retailers fresh flower bouquets, fresh rose program and prepared arrangements, blooming plants, green plants, seasonal (Easter lilies, floor plants and hardy mums), gifts, vases, plush, balloons, poinsettias, and outdoor hanging baskets and weekly ad items.

We assist our retailers with floor plan design and function, ordering equipment and supplies, initial setup of opening or remodeling, floral/grocery store operational training techniques on merchandising floral products within a supermarket, assistance with department resets or major seasonal department changes, ordering and inventory control assistance, guidance on how to take a physical inventory and ideas to improve sales and gross profits from our floral buyer.

Retail Operations

The Piggly Wiggly Midwest, Inc. Retail Operations Team can offer a variety of services that include the following:


Piggly Wiggly Midwest provides assistance to the retailer on development of new sites, provides operation projections on new sites, coordinates market surveys, develops new store owners and operators, and assists the retailer in acquiring lease and finance agreements.

Retail Consulting

We also offer a retail supervision team that is assigned to individual stores. District Teams include a District Manger, Meat Supervisor, Produce Supervisor, and Bakery/Deli Supervisor.

Additionally, we work with retailers to prepare and monitor operational projections and budgets, consult and evaluate on remodeling, additions, and replacement store options, act as a liaison with all wholesale and support departments, and oversee and coordinate all retail Project Implementation Team projects.

Property Management

Piggly Wiggly Midwest provides assistance with store leases, Common Area Maintenance charges, and with property and general liability insurance needs.

Logistics/Warehouse & Delivery


Piggly Wiggly Midwest has three distribution centers; one in Sheboygan which serves as the main distribution center (SDC), The second is the Milwaukee distribution center (MDC), and the third is the Sheboygan Wilson distribution center (WDC). We carry full product lines and quality controls are in place for all perishable products, using modern pressurized banana ripening rooms and zone temperature and humidity controls.


We schedule deliveries based on your needs with friendly, experienced and helpful drivers, and also feature combination deliveries (Mixed temperatures) from our modern, reliable fleet. We have on-board computer monitoring in all tractors and computerized routing to meet your delivery windows. Also available are trailer rentals for sale and power emergencies and electric pallet jacks which are provided on loads.


The technology department at Piggly Wiggly Midwest provides an innovative, customized combination of hardware, software and support to meet the retailer’s technology needs. The suite of technology available to the retailer includes, a Point of Sale solution, Card Marketing, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Time and Attendance, Electronic DSD Receiving, Scale Networking and Internet Marketing. Standardizes data communication creates an efficient and convenient pathway for electronically moving information to and from supported retail technologies.


We offer a complete training program at store level for all supported technology solutions and support manuals written to apply technology solutions specific to Piggly Wiggly store operations.

Installation of Technology Solutions

Technology installations are primarily performed by BSSG personnel who are trained during the development process and are familiar with Piggly Wiggly store operations

Technology Solutions Support Structure

Internal Help desk staff is available for business hours support of questions related to technology solutions and on call Help Desk, voice mail message to pager, is available for after business hours emergencies. Field service technicians are also available for efficient repairs of supported hardware.

Accounting and Financial Services

As an integral part of the partnering relationship that exists between Piggly Wiggly Midwest and its franchise operators, the Accounting and Financial Services department provides various financial-related services to its franchisers.

Our services specifically include the following: Preparation of financial statements for each store at least once every four weeks, sales summaries and departmental gross margin calculations and reports, inventory shrinkage analysis, reconciliation of bank statements, bookwork audits and review, vendor accounts payable processing and review, including central bill program, preparation of sales and use tax returns, personal property tax reports, and other government reports.

We also provide assistance in obtaining various required licenses for operations, processing of authorized credits and returns, walk-through of financial statements with customers, audits of debit/credit transactions, coordination work with customers’ tax professional for tax-related matters, dealings with federal and state tax agencies concerning tax audits or reviews for a nominal fee, assistance with special financial audits, and ancillary items such as 401k plan and insurance programs.

Engineering and Maintenance

Piggly Wiggly Midwest Engineering and Maintenance department offers our customers a wide range of services.

Building Additions, Remodels & New Stores

Piggly Wiggly Midwest compiles and evaluates operational projections in conjunction with Retail Operations, supplies necessary equipment lists and costs to complete a store, prepares site and fixture plans, designs décor, coordinates architectural and engineering services for building projects, and on-site store engineer coordinates other team member’s efforts to ensure timetables are maintained.

Equipment Purchases and Installations

Due to large volume purchasing plans, discounted equipment is available trough vendors and easy direct order programs available for small ware items. We provide an on-site store engineer to oversee installation of equipment and arrange all third party installation assistance.

Labor Relations and Human Resources

The function of the Piggly Wiggly Midwest Human Resources department is to act as a resource on Labor Relations and Human Resource issues.

Labor Relations

We offer consultation on employee issues, legal referral, consultation on various employment issues, including interviewing, substance abuse, disciplinary actions, termination procedures and conduction investigations

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Department offers guidance on the following regulatory compliance: Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act, COBRA (Required Notices of Benefits), Immigration Employment Form Requirements, Occupational Safety and Health, including Blood-Borne Pathogens, Equal Employment Opportunity, Wage and Hour Laws, Unemployment Compensation, Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, Child Labor Laws and Child Labor Equipment Guidelines and Worker’s Compensation

Loss Prevention and Retail Food Safety

The Piggly Wiggly Midwest Loss Prevention and Food Safety Department can offer a variety of services that include, but not limited to, the following:

Loss Prevention

We advise and assist in training store personnel in apprehension and loss prevention procedures and we provide provide loss prevention security service, including internal investigations and closed circuit TV systems. We also advise and assist in the apprehension and prosecution of person involved in theft or destruction of company property and act as liaison between the retailer and local law enforcement officials, advises and assists on a floor walker program, advises on safety programs in accordance with the Occupation Safety Health Act (OSHA) and advises and conducts security and safety inspections.

Retail Food Safety

We administer guidance and training as it applies to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), act as a liaison between the retailer and government health agencies (U.S.D.A, state and local), advise and assist on implementing a Hazard Analyst and Critical Control Points program (HACCP), administer State Food Safety Certification and Re-certification training, advise perishable departments on State required temperature recording procedures, advise and assist in a crisis management program to address consumer issues, recalls and complaints and inform store management on updated compliance changes and new mandates.

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