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Delectable Deli Trays

1. Relish Riot
Olives, pickles and fresh veggies in abundance. Crisp and refreshing.

2. Cheese & Fruit Tray
Sweet, juicy fruit and bite-sized chunks of Wisconsin cheese served with fluffy fruit dip.

3. Sandwich Cheese Tray
Your favorite cheeses sliced just right for sandwiches. A perfect compliment to our meat platter.

4. Cheese & Sausage Tray
Our most popular tray. Snack-sized zesty summer sausage and a variety of Wisconsin cheeses.

5. Meat & Cheese Tray
Our finest, freshest meats and cheeses are the perfect start to a great sandwich or fabulous snack.

6. Meat Platter
Our tender, high-quality turkey, ham or beef perfectly sliced and beautifully presented. Help yourself.

7. Sandwich Fixings
This is a tray that makes a sandwich great. All your favorite toppings on one beautiful tray.

8. Cheese Nibbler Tray
Nibble on this classy assortment of our finest domestic and imported cheeses.

9. Deviled Egg Tray
Not just for picnics! Everyone loves our creamy deviled eggs. A party isn’t complete without them!

10. Cracker Cheese Tray
Your favorite cheeses perfectly cut just right to fit your crackers. Pretty as a picture too.

11. Mediterranean Sampler Tray
Something different! A tasty selection of olives and mouth-watering, lightly seasoned mozzarella.

12. Vegetable Tray
Loaded with fresh, crunchy veggies and your choice of dip for dunking. Good and good for you.

Delectable Deli Trays

Delectable Deli Trays

13. Shaved Meat Tray
Tasty selection of tender roast beef, ham and turkey. Thinly sliced for any type of sandwich.

14. Ham Rollup Tray
Great appetizer to compliment any party.

15. Hye Roller Tray
Entertaining made easy with our delicious sandwich tray, loaded with turkey, ham and beef.

16. Shrimp Platter
Two pounds of shrimp with cocktail sauce, garnished with lemon wedges. A hit at any gathering!

17. Party Tidbit Platter
A little something for everyone. A perfect snack tray!

18. Tossed Veggie Platter
Crisp, crunchy. Sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Bakery Trays

1. Brownie Bite Tray
Individual 2-bite brownie treats, for all guests to eat.

2. Classic Brownie Tray
Our special recipe chocolate fudge brownies. Topped with fudge icing, just the way you want it!

3. Mini Muffin Tray
Assorted mini muffins. Great for breakfast.

4. Bagel Tray
Mini bagels surround our bagel dip, garnished with assorted grapes. Great for “treats” at work.

5. Breakfast Tray
A little something for everyone! Cream filled mini long johns, assorted donut holes and mini cinni’s will be a “big” hit.

6. Pastry Tray
Tempting Danish, mini turnovers, & assorted coffee cakes will start the day off right.

Bakery Treats

7.Fiesta Brownie Tray
Our special recipe chocolate fudge brownies topped with mouth-watering icings. Mmmmmm.

8. Gourmet Dessert Tray
Our finest cakes in generous portions. A perfect finish to any occasion.

9. Cupcake Tray
Speaks for itself. Many great themes to chose from. Kids of all ages love ‘em.

10. Specialty Cakes
Photo cakes, custom-designed and special event cakes.
We do it all!

11. Message Cookie
Send a special message on our twelve-inch decorated chocolate chip cookie.

12. Cookie Tray
Our very own freshly baked cookies presented on a tray.
Makes a great gift or treat for school or work.

Ask Any of Our Deli Professionals for the Current Selection of Your Seasonal FavoritesParty Favorites

1. Chicken Wings
Our crowd pleasing chicken wings

2. Meatballs
Party pleasing meatballs with a taste tempting sauce

3. Fried chicken
Golden brown lightly breaded crispy fried chicken.

Entertaining is Made Easy With Your Choice of These Freshly Made Dips & Fruit Trays!

Dips & Fruit Trays

1. Mediterranean Dip
Pepper hummus, fresh veggies, black olives and feta cheese. Something different.

2. Southwest Dip
Refried beans, guacamole and taco dip carefully layered and topped with onions, cheese and salsa…Olé!

3. Taco Dip
Our spicy taco dip, lettuce, tomato, onions, olives and cheddar cheese. Tortilla chip please!

4. Rye Bread & Spinach Dip
Our fresh round rye bread hollowed out and filled with our tasty spinach dip made with real sour cream.

5. Simply Fruit Tray
Fresh seasonal fruits and creamy fruit dip. Light and refreshing.

Perfect for Parties or as a Light Lunch – Try One of Our Sandwich Ideas to Please Any Crowd!


1. “Just a Bite” Puff Tray
Delicate puffs stuffed with crab, chicken and ham salad. The perfect bite-sized finger food.

2. Mini Bun Sandwich Tray
Our freshly bakes buns filled with your favorite fresh deli meats and cheese. Bring on the party!

3. Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray
Tender. Flaky croissants stuffed with turkey, beef, ham. Fresh lettuce and cheese. Elegant and delicious.

4. Corone Bread Sandwich
Make a statement with this filling sandwich. No one leaves hungry.

5. Party Sub
The finest, freshest ingredients on our wonderful French bread. Everybody’s favorite.

6. Focaccia Sandwich Tray
Thinly sliced tender turkey , ham or beef piled high on freshly baked flavorful focaccia bread.

Choose from a Variety of Our Fresh Deli Salads…

Fresh Deli Salads