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SavingStar Healthy Offer Grapefruit

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What a cute dainty flower

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It always amazes me the amount of people who live in Wisconsin who complain when the temperature rises above 80 degrees and the humidity is above 70%.  Granted it has been warm the last two weeks but isn’t this the weather we look forward to in January and February?  I know I do.  I realize […]

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Labor Day Ribeye

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Ribeye is the steak of choice for many. It’s flavorful but not fussy. It’s one of the most tender cuts. A well-marbled Rib Eye is incredibly juicy. And let’s not forget that tasty morsel of meat at the end — the spinalis. When you’re looking at a traditional Ribeye steak the spinalis, or Ribeye cap, […]

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Sweet Healthy Cantaloupe

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Delicious and flavorful cantaloupe or “muskmelon” is a member of the large cucurbita family include squash, pumpkin, cucumber, gourd etc. Like its relatives, melons grow on the ground as a trailing vine. Muskmelons are thought to have originated either from India, ancient Persia or Africa. Melons, just as mangoes, watermelon…etc., are actually summer season fruits. […]

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