Bedazzling Entries: Week 2

Piggly Wiggly and Certified Angus Beef present the Bedazzle your Holiday Contest!

Default Santa Pig

My dad gave me his fudge recipe and now it’s my go to recipe for gatherings.
– Allie Appleton

Barabra Appleton

One of my favorite holiday cookies is the snickerdoodle and they don’t last very long on the cookie tray while entertaining family and friends. Last week I delivered a tin of Buttery Ginger Laced Snickerdoodles to Harbor House in Appleton, the home of help and hope for families of domestic violence. Bringing cookies is my way of bringing cheer to those at this home away from home, especially the children.
– Barbara Appleton

Cathie Thompson Holiday VillageCathie Thompson Holiday VillageCathie Thompson Holiday Village

We make tamales and Mexican wedding cookies to share with family!
– Cathie Nekoosa

Christina Everman OshkoshChristina Everman OshkoshChristina Everman Oshkosh

My daughters love to bake and share with their friends and neighbors!

– Christina Oshkosh

Jennifer Milton Sauerbraten

I make sauerbraten every Christmas passed down from my mom.. I get about a 6 pound rump roast from Piggly Wiggly it marinates for 3 days….I cook spaetzle red cabbage and irish potatoes… Its a delicious tradition
– Jennifer Milton

Jenny MosineeJenny Mosinee

I donate 40+ dozen of cookies and sweets to my church every xmas and cookie trays for neighbours

– Jenny Mosinee

Linda Kenosha

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing and red sprinkles. Hiding in the fridge until tonight!

– Linda Kenosha

Default Santa Pig

Tradition is what makes our treats so very special. Everyone looks forward to the once-a-year-holiday goodies. We make caramel puffs, Christmas wreath cookies (the green corn flake & red hot kind), and candy cane butter cookies. For the adults, there is grog and Irish Creme liquor, and perhaps a bit of rum added to the egg nog. I love tradition!!

– Marie Oak Creek

Natasha West Allis CookiesJenny Mosinee

I make about 15 varieties of Christmas treats every year and give them as gifts to relatives and coworkers. I always use the same recipes that my mother and grandma had used when I was a child. Every year I also donate a plate of cookies to the fireman. I also enter my goodies in the church bake sale. It’s one of my favorite things to do every Christmas. I make them with my husband and mother In law. We listen to Christmas music and wear holiday sweaters. It’s a fun way to spend a weekend in December.

– Natasha West Allis

Default Santa Pig

Scotcheroos are typically requested by my husband, my daughter loves to make (and eat!) “Puppy Chow” (not the dog food) and my son must have Christmas Cookies.

– Sheila New London

Terry Jefferson Chocolate Pretzels

Pretzels, with chocolate chips, and M & M’s.

– Terry Jefferson

Vickie Crivitz Sugar Cookies

My daughter and niece are both in college. Made them melted snowman cookies, chewy molasses cookies and chocolate chip cookies to get them in the holiday spirit!

– Vickie Crivitz

Cindy Plymouth Apple Dumplings (not labled)

– Cindy Plymouth

Angela Plymouth (no Picture)

A few Yrs ago I came up with the idea of having an annual Christmas cookie decorating party. The idea is to get friends and family together to decorate a large amount of cut outs and then send them home so we all have some for Christmas!

This yr was our 3rd yr. Its been a blast. My family and extended family LOVE it and now look forward to the party every yr.

It was been a delight to open my home to my family. We laugh, share memories and make more memories. Its the true spirit of Christmas.

In my opinion, In Wisconsin, Christmas cut out cookies are the best way to spread the Holiday Cheer.


– Angela Plymouth

Heather Plymouth (no Picture)

Spritz cookies shaped like Christmas trees dipped in chocolate with sprinkels

– Heather Plymouth

Lily Lancaster Assorted Christmas Cookies

I spend a few days making cookies, candies and breads with my daughters to spread the cheer!

– Lily Lancaster

Lorraine Manitowoc (No Picture)

I make assorted candies and cookies and treat the family on Christmas day, I have them over for lunch and then again at supper. Also always buy my meat I am going to cook from the Pig. They have the best!!!

– Lorraine Manitowoc

Lynn Crivitz Chex Mix Ingredients

Our special holiday treat is homemade Chex Mix. I only make it between Thanksgiving and New Years, which seems to make it all the better. When the first pan, of many, is taken out of the oven, my family and I stand around the counter eating that warm mix, talking about the up coming holiday family events. It is funny how something so simple brings us together. I always make an extra pan to share with family and friends.

– Lynn Crivitz

Mary Hartland (No Picture)

I use a recipe for Cranberry Bread received from my friend over 30 years ago. I bake many loaves of this wonderful treat and take it to Christmas dinner as well as giving breads to other friends and family. Merry Christmas!!

– Mary Hartland

Michelle Appleton Ginger Bread HouseMichelle Appleton Ginger Bread HouseMichelle Appleton Ginger Bread House

Our gingerbread village, gingerbread train and Christmas cookies for the neighbors are our favorite holiday treats!

– Michelle Appleton

Patti Watertown Ginger Pepper and Cream Cheese Wreath

This is a crescent roll wreath with a blended cream cheese top & garnish with healthy greens and red pepper. Pinterest fun!

– Patti Watertown

Rachel Bayview Assorted Christmas treats and 3 ladies (no names)

Each year my mom, sister and I spend an entire day and bake our favorite Cristmas cookies. We each make 4-5 different variety of cookies and we split each kind equally between us. We end up with 14 different kinds this year! Some included in our tradition every year are spritz, pecan fingers, peanut butter balls, and chocolate dipped cookies. We make cookie trays for neighbors, teachers, Holiday parties, and donate some to homeless shelters. I look forward to this day every year!

– Rachel Bayview

Jean Oconto Falls (No Picture)

The days of traditional ham dinners are gone in our house. Children are grown and have decided for the past few years, they would rather have a buffet of food than a sit down meal. My special lasagna is one of the main courses this year. Cookie baking by using recipes handed down from previous generations is a big hit. This years surprise is homemade caramels (which I haven’t made in 20 years), and cream balls.

– Jean Oconto Falls

Andrea Saukville Peanut Butter Balls

Everyone loves my Peanut Butter Balls around the holidays. I love making them too!

– Andrea Saukville

Elisha Kaukauna (no picture)

Decorate cookies and make a lot of chocolate candy.

– Elisha Kaukauna

Tom Crivitz (no picture)

The favorite family treat for us would be our mother’s homemade fudge. At our parties, when mom walks in the first thing said is, Where is the fudge? My 5 siblings and I are well over 50 yrs. old, we all act like children around the plate, it is the first thing we eat, and the first thing that is gone. We have all tried to make it, but nothing compares to mom’s homemade fudge.

– Tom Crivitz

Laura Winneconne (no picture)

My family have a cookie day! We all bring two batches of cookie dough. I usually cut out the cookie shapes. My Dad mans the oven. And the rest frost and decorate the cookies. By the end of the day about 30 doz. of cookies and memories have been made!

– Laura Winneconne

Fred Slinger (Chocolate Fudge With Nuts)

My wife makes great fudge each Christmas. She got the recipe from a friend and it has now become a holiday favorite which we share with family and friends.

– Fred Slinger

Karen Slinger (Baked Nut Roll)

My grandmother was very poor and always made these as gifts for her 8 children and their families. Everyone looked forward to her Nut Roll each Christmas. Grandma is long gone and I am the only one who still makes them and our family and friends now look forward to receiving a Nut Roll each Christmas. My daughter is learning how to make them to continue the tradition.

– Karen Slinger

Crystal Union Grove (Baked Nut Roll)

Every year i make something special with my kids for Christmas. Last year we made trail mix banana bread and turned the loaf into a sleigh using candy canes for the runners. Then we turned q 6 pack of diet pepsi into a pack of reindeer and i left this out for mu hubby the morning of Christmas Eve.

– Crystal Union Grove

Kathy Manitowoc (Assorted Cookies)

Along with making Kolache’s for Christmas we make mini Christmas tree cakes decorated with butter cream frosting, we make peanut butter/chocolate fudge, Buckeyes, sugar cookies, peanut butter blossom cookies and spritz cookies. Christmas would not be the same with out all of our favorite treats. I am so disappointed I can not locate the photo showing 4 banquet tables full of goodies.

– Kathy Manitowoc

Tracy Sussex (Cherry Pie)Tracy Sussex (Grape Cake)

We love trying new recipes each holiday in addition to our favorites (cherry pie, grape cake, and toffee chocolate cracker candy above are some of this year’s new recipes).

– Tracy Sussex