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It is crazy, but if you look at the calendar there are only three and a half weeks of fall even though technically fall goes until the 21st of December when winter begins.  As soon as Thanksgiving is over – BOOM – the Christmas season begins.  Granted it is does get colder, windier, and rainier in November so by Thanksgiving all the fall colors are have disappeared.  It is really too bad because the colors of fall are so spectacular.  The oranges, rusts, burgundies, the yellow/gold…all blended together are an awesome sight especially when all together in one spot.  The trees are a good example of the collage of color. 

There are 27 days to enjoy fall and until Thanksgiving is knocking on the door.  There are plenty of beautiful items available in the floral  department to help with decorating.  This week’s mum is a festival of color – three different color mums (rust, yellow, and orange) in one 4” or 6” container.  Of course the departments offer the traditional mums as well as the variety pelee mum.  Also available are assorted blooming plants such as gerbera daisies, cyclamen, begonias, and kalanchoes to name a few available in the reds, yellows, and oranges. 

The fresh bouquets this time of the year are breath taking again, because of the color combinations.  I personally like to split apart a bouquet and put a single stem or a couple of stems in a vase and put them in various rooms through-out the house.  But then again one large bouquet of, for example – fall rainbow poms, is hard to resist putting in the middle of table in the family room.

Enjoy November and the fall colors.  Before you know it we will be blanketed with that white stuff and I am hoping for later if Mother Nature will listen.  Stop by our floral departments for a plant or fresh bouquet to take to dinner at Mom’s house and have a great holiday!

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